March 20, 2013 – HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX! Mother Warrior

MOON in Cancer SQUARES MARS at 1:32 am, pdt. (the last lunar aspect before Equinox) in the middle of the night before today. Mother meets Warrior in this encounter. Will they merge, work together, or disagree?

MOON is still in Cancer at 4:02 am, pdt, the exact point of EQUINOX, and the moment SUN enters the zodiacal sign of Aries. (another reflection of mother meeting warrior as MOON is in the sign of mother as SUN enters the sign of warrior) This warrior energy is not about fighting but rather about pushing up through the soil of our creation field. We must work to get up through the soil to our fruition, no matter what the “soil” of our personal creation in the world may be, we are pushing up through it to create. We’re pushing up through our own consciousness as well, at this time, preparing for a summer’s fruition.

MOON SQUARE URANUS at 4:05 am is the aspect directly after EQUINOX, happening minutes after it–revealing the powerful revolutionary force that joins this year’s Spring Equinox.  Women and Mothers have a strong guiding roll in this year’s revolutionary forces. THE MOTHER IS CALLED TO LEAD and TEMPER the REVOLUTION at hand.

Who is “the mother?” The mother is within. The mother is within each of us, as well as within a greater universal force of mothering of humanity. Humanity is evolving as a whole species into a more heart-centered species. What will it take to move us into that place?  Only the MOTHER of HUMANITY knows. This mother-of-humanity is a force that any one of us can channel at any given moment. There are forces that operate in opposition or ‘counter to’ the force of mother-love on this earth. How might those of us who are aligned with the awakening human heart journey, create guidance for those who choose to polarize with love? Can we face the forces that are counter to love, generating fear, and rise above them, creating the new era and a humanity of the heart?  What do we need to do now, at this seed-stirring time, to support the summer revolution at hand?

On this Mother Warrior Equinox, may we plant the forces of “mother love,” in our hearts, so that when we are in the peak of this summer’s revolution, we will know what to do.

This solar cycle–coming to fruition at the peak of light–the SUMMER SOLSTICE–[first day of Cancer–the sign of the Mother], SUN will SQUARE URANUS in Aries, and we will have a responsibility to face the revolution in our heart. Only the MOTHER WITHIN may know what to do, so now, at this time, we need to plant this mother deeply in our hearts and see and feel the revolution that is stirring within (and without). The mother that knows how to grow the fast-changing operational system of humanity may wish to look ahead and prepare. URANUS is radical, wild and outspoken. We need this spirit now. Whatever we feel we need to say to our country and to the world . . . . it may be important to say it NOW! (and prepare for a real revolution mid-summer). If there is a real revolution, it will be forced by gasoline prices and caps on our energy consumption. We are meant to “push through these caps,” with revolutionary new ways to power our lives. We are meant to discover free energy, and transform our dependence on a false system of limitation, given to those in a false system of power, into a free-energy system, where no one energy company, or one mode of energy consumption is dominating and limiting our freedom. It is time to set ourselves free on more than one level. The revolutions we face mid-summer are ultimately about setting us free from inappropriate limitations and systems.

MOON in Mama Cancer, TRINES SATURN in Scorpio, at 9:41 am, and OPPOSES PLUTO in Capricorn, at 11:01 am, pdt (pacific daylight time). A few hours after EQUINOX point, we’re supported by deep and powerful forces into a death/rebirth point for the small self. We are asked to participate with something larger than our small egoic agendas. We are asked to take our souls with more than a grain of salt, but rather as the whole integrated journey that is larger than our small self can see. It is wise for us to get together at this time and look at the big picture with some intelligence, creativity and willingness to face what is coming. It is time to prepare with humor, grace and self-love, and love for the journey of the human heart that we occupy at this time as one of many cells!

Happy Equinox! A magical planting, working and day of rising.


March 19, 2013 – Equinox Grace Meets First Quarter Work

We are in the window of EQUAL LIGHT and DARK. Today and tomorrow, we have equal day and night–perfect balance. This perfect balance is something we can invite deeply into our lives, to balance all the places in us that feel out of balance. This is a time where we can allow the grace of this balance to come inside. Masculine and Feminine, Good and Bad, Happy and Sad, Red and Blue states, every opposite and polarized place on this earth, can experience a washing of balance and neutrality in that center place. In a balanced, (centered) place that rests “in the middle” between two opposite points, we can find the spirit of Equinox.

The EQUINOXES cross the axis of Aries-Libra–in fact–for western astrologers, the equinoxes define the timing and exact beginning point of the signs of Aries and Libra. This is one layer different from the “fixed stars,” the vedic system uses, which are based on the fixed stars that live a layer behind the sun’s seasonal cycle, which we can project like a wheel on top of the wheel of the fixed stars. We, in our western-based astrological system, work with these seasonal points. So the first day of 30 days of Aries begins at the moment of equal light and dark, which this year, happens at 4:02 am, pdt (pacific daylight time), tomorrow morning. (the exact moment of Equinox)

These zodiacal solar-seasonal based signs are based on seasonal forces of life, from seed to fruition to harvest, to decay, to purification, to new birth again. Now, at Equinox, at the first day of Aries, the SUN’s cycle is at a first quarter square. (We began a new solar cycle at the darkest point, the Winter Solstice, which we consider the end and the beginning, of the new solar year of creation.) This Equinox point is a point of further creation, where we take the seed desires and seed thoughts that arose at winter solstice birth point, and plant them even deeper into creation. Here at this point of balance, we can cultivate and adjust our creations, tweaking them with our attention, work and refinement. Spring Equinox is another beginning, starting the season of Spring in our world in North America.

MOON SQUARE VENUS & SUN this morning invite personal work in this lunar 28-day cycle of creation. We’re a week from peak fruition of this cycle of creation, so we’re at a work point. Now is a good time to “do the work and planning,” for what will come in the next 21 days of the rest of the creation cycle. Mercury is direct now, winding out of our initiatory journey of the last six weeks. We’re still unwinding this spritual journey, and we’re in a FIRST QUARTER WORK POINT, in the lunar cycle, and in the solar year cycle (the equinox). So today is a first quarter work point in a micro and macro creation cycle.

MOON goes into the VOID in the middle of the day between Gemini and Cancer, between 10:27 am, pdt and 11:55 am, pdt. At 11:55 am, pdt, MOON enters Mama Cancer, where it remains through the Equinox point and the masculine-mars-feeling of SUN entering Aries. So Mother and Warrior are merging in this Equinox magic portal.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE this evening at 7:39 pm, pdt, offers us a link between personal and divine flows of energy that is harmonious, receptive and gifted.

MOON in Cancer TRINE MERCURY in Pisces, at 11:54 pm, pdt, offers a personal meeting with the deep and personal journey we’ve been on for the last six weeks or so.  In this last six weeks, we’ve travelled some incredibly transformative and confusing time to be in. We’ve rewired our brains at least once, changed perception a few times, and allowed the universe to work us over in its own way.  Now we can take a look at what we have been through and possibly even see some higher meaning in it all, or understand how it is all connected to something larger than we are.

May we come to acceptance, peace and higher vision in honor of neutrality and balance, cycles of creation, and the universal seasons that cultivate our soul and human self.