March 16, 2013 – Feminine Earth Magic

On the day before MERCURY goes DIRECT, the Divine Feminine reminds us in this mysterious circular energy, that she has a roll in this new era. We’ve just left the era of patriarchy, and the Goddess is not here to dominate or be in-charge, in any old way, but rather to come up under all that is good with love, power and creativity. The Divine Feminine within us all is asking to nurture us and the world through our hearts. We are called to open our hearts more and more, (as most of us already know,) and on a day of MOON SEXTILE VENUS and MOON SEXTILE SUN, the Divine Feminine is in an alchemical relationship with the old era, and with the masculine. We are in a process, as a collective consciousness, related to masculine and feminine, of healing the wounds, separation and mistrust between the sexes. We are creating friendship, collaboration and a new era of honor for each other.

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