March 18, 2013 – A Whole New Tilled Field

Sometimes when we let go of the edge of an old pattern, like jumping off of an old cliff, in our minds, we can either feel like we are free-falling, or flying. Which one we feels is a subtle shift of consciousness. Today is one of those “push off of the shore,” kind of days.

Yesterday could have been a small inner revolution of one kind or another, as phase two of three, of a three week mystical process came to completion, within the context of a nine week whole journey.  We may not even yet know what came to completion yet, or what this completion means for what is beginning fresh and new. Our Pisces place is alive with change and mystical process.

Today is the first day MERCURY is DIRECT, after this three weeks of circles and mysteries. We can begin to move forward in the linear world in ways that we have been unable to do before now. This newly directed energy is arriving just in time to align a powerful forward moving creation energy in time for the magical manifestation portal of the EQUINOX.

The SPRING EQUINOX is at 4:02 am, on March 20th. (Wednesday). In the great solar year, we shift from the darker side of our seasonal year, to the lighter side. We are ascending in light frequency and creative ability, as we cross the moment of equal day and equal night. With this magic of equal day and equal night, we can root our new seeds, desires and creative impulses into fresh fertile psychic soil.

May all of our beautiful seeds of love and expression be planted in receptive soil fabric of universal intelligence. may we never forget that we are loved by the fabric of life, who wishes for us to be fulfilled, fully expressed, loving and loved, in the most outrageous joyful ways. May we take a leap of faith, from the old stale ways, to the new refreshing generous, light-hearted, loving ways.

March 17, 2013 – MERCURY DIRECT

Often the MERCURY force is so strong that when it is actually changing directions, i am not technically or physically able to write and publish this daily blog!  Since i write it each morning or the day before–when energies are so strong that they either wipe out my technical connections, or my ability to be present in some other way. I find the MERCURY TRANSITION days to be most chaotic!

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE and MOON SQUARE VENUS pre-dawn sent us into a whirl of confusion, potentially, on a personal love level, and a larger love spiritual level. If we did not feel confused, we may have felt tired, or spacey for some other reason. This SQUARE challenges us to ask ourselves questions about love, romance and our inner ability to connect, love and transmit spiritual energy.

MOON in Gemini SQUARE MERCURY in Pisces at 10:30 am, pdt (pacific daylight time), is a completion energy, related to a home-related, deep core spiritual process that has been percolating over the last three weeks. This deep circular mystical journey is completing. We may understand a new way of thinking or perceiving, or we may have a new level of commitment to our spiritual practice to make. We may wish to complete an old religious commitment from the past and write a new one that serves the new era in our lives.

MERCURY is STATIONARY DIRECT at 1:03 pm, pdt. This MERCURY has been RETROGRADE for three weeks in Pisces. It has gone all the way back to 6 degrees Pisces. Now, for the next 3 weeks, MERCURY will walk, each day, over one degree, one day at a time, of the last three weeks of retrograde, day by day. We’ll do a kind of unwinding of what was unwound. There will be even more healing, unwinding and circular completions, if we allow this alchemical energy to work in our lives, we can weave and unweave ourselves into more wholeness.

Wherever Pisces is in our natal chart, is being alchemized and changed in this mystical cycle, along with a larger shift in spirituality in the collective consciousness.

MOON in airy Gemini, SEXTILE URANUS in Fiery birth-giving Aries, and CONJUNCT JUPITER in the sign of inventions and genius, is offering a breatkthrough in our personal world. Wherever we’ve been holding ourselves back, feeling water-logged, inauthentic or anything that doesn’t serve our clear super-jedi-state, can be released at this time.

We are empowered to “let go,” and fly. May we fly with less resistance and more grace after this mystical cycle of completion, release and deep spiritual transformation.



March 16, 2013 – Feminine Earth Magic

On the day before MERCURY goes DIRECT, the Divine Feminine reminds us in this mysterious circular energy, that she has a roll in this new era. We’ve just left the era of patriarchy, and the Goddess is not here to dominate or be in-charge, in any old way, but rather to come up under all that is good with love, power and creativity. The Divine Feminine within us all is asking to nurture us and the world through our hearts. We are called to open our hearts more and more, (as most of us already know,) and on a day of MOON SEXTILE VENUS and MOON SEXTILE SUN, the Divine Feminine is in an alchemical relationship with the old era, and with the masculine. We are in a process, as a collective consciousness, related to masculine and feminine, of healing the wounds, separation and mistrust between the sexes. We are creating friendship, collaboration and a new era of honor for each other.