March 15, 2013 – Earth Responsible Shifting

MOON in Taurus OPPOSES SATURN in Scorpio this morning at 9:27 am, pdt.  We may touch intimately our limitations related to power, our shadow, money, or authority. While touching these limitations we can have compassion, and know that as soon as we are aware of a limitation, it can begin to shift.

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 10:11 am, pdt (Pacific Daylight Time), offers us a chance to ally with our own cathartic death-rebirth-oriented power.  We can make peace with money, sex and or death. We can overcome our limitations with these things by honoring our deepest longings and desires. If we have a desire to have the most passionate sex of our lives, then this is something we can hold a field of intention around, or if we have always wanted to have our issues with money healed, we can utilize these energies of today to set that clear intention and begin the unfolding of our deep healing of money.

With a waxing MOON, heading toward first quarter, from the dark underground NEW MOON in Pisces, we have creation power under our feet and in our thoughts. We can create the context for deep healing in this cycle. Through intention and clarity we can begin to complete inadequacies by taking one constructive disciplined step at a time. Our discipline can be a discipline of self-love. We can discipline ourselves to take actions out of self-love and love for the world.

This day is a good day to die to our old limitations. Its a good day to imagine ourselves truly free of the places we may have felt powerless.

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