March 11, 2013 – Happy New Moon of Spring!! God is Coming out of the Closet!

This morning we rise in the deep DARK MOON energy. We are at the very end of an old cycle in the morning. MOON CONJUNCT VENUS at 4:33 am, pst, offers a deep feminine death and rebirth, within.

NEW MOON, SUN CONJUNCT MOON, takes place this afternoon at 12:51 pm, pst. (Pacific Standard Time). This cauldron of creation is appearing from our inner heart-body-back-burner like a deep dark mysterious bubbling soup of the past present and future, coming into our clearer and clearer view from a foggy edge of our vision. Something is coming into view that we may not have seen before.  What is cooking in our pot of past and future-life soup? There is an unseen kiss from human to Divine, from a deeply humble winter-softened place, we offer our Spirit the most fertile energy of our spiritual journey, right now.

There are deep underground shoots wiggling into creation.  This NEW MOON is at 20 degrees Pisces.  Just after the NEW MOON conjunction, MOON enters the VOID between Pisces and Aries.  The fertile soil we feel is rocky, filled with bits of random fire and unevolved chunks of the past, flying up, like upside-down meteorites, coming out from within. The early Aries energy, with Uranus in it, is preceded by this end of Pisces place, where the MOON is NEW. We’re interfacing human to Divine, and it is not a streamlined process, we are still learning how to do it!

MARS enters fiery Aries, from last degree of Pisces, late tonight at 11:26 pm, pst.  Our inner masculine force is being renewed. We are alive in the springtime.

May we receive the great gift that life is deeper, and wider than we can understand. May we know we are loved cosmically, beyond our wildest imagination. May we leap into a life of being loved by the Divine, wider, broader and deeper than we imagined was possible. We are becoming Divine beings in our physical expression. God is coming out of the closet.






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