March 10, 2013 – Deep Water Revision in Preparation for New Light

MOON is in Pisces as we rise today, in the sweetest most spiritual water we are ever living in. MOON CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE, water planet, pre-dawn at 5:20 am, pst. We’re in water, with water planet. We are being nourished in a DARK MOON womb of new life.

MOON CONJUNCTS MERCURY RETROGRADE at 1:33 pm, pst (Pacific Standard Time). We are becoming more and more intimate with our own deep inner process of spiritual growth and mental rearranging that MERCURY RETROGRADE this cycle in Pisces, may be taking us through. We are on a deep journey inward, to re-see, re-weave, and re-grow our spiritual interconnectedness.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 2:39 pm, pst is a corner of stretching! We are invited to open our perspectives and our pocketbooks, to a more interconnected web of spirituality that connects us to all of creation. JUPITER in Gemini is expanding our ability to communicate within this web of life. The internet is providing us opportunities to reach wide populations of humanity, even far away.

MOON TRINE SATURN at 6:46 pm, pst is a lunar good luck Father aspect. We are in harmony with our father, structure, and ability to be in our own authority. If we are not in harmony with these things, this is a moment to have some good work and progress in this area. The DARK MOON, is meanwhile a time to dig deeply into our fertile places and plant the changes we wish to see in ourselves.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO in the evening, at 7:00 pm, pst, offers us the deepest planting time we can have for our spring and summer seeds of creation.

NEW MOON is tomorrow afternoon!  NEW MOON will be at the very end of Pisces. We’re receiving a new level of spiritual guidance in this next cycle. Our ancestors, our soul, and our new spiritual self is calling us to be spiritually reborn. Tonight we rest in the waters of this womb, preparing for this new birth canal to open before us.


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