March 9, 2013 – Editing what insults our Soul

MOON is VOID from yesterday’s humor, and interesting communications from spirit. Today, we arise in this VOID. MOON is still between Aquarius and Pisces. We’re between flight and oceanic depths of soul-light. The MOON wanes down to its darkest, quietest, most mysteriously alchemical place tomorrow, before a very special NEW MOON on Monday.

There is a tenderness arising as MERCURY RETROGRADES in Pisces. With this VOID MOON, approaching this tender archetypal place in us, we’re in the midst of a watery transitional womb-like place. It is good to let go, into this flow of change inside. If we can find the space/time to take a bath, or meditate, or walk in nature, or whatever it is that allows us to receive this raw, charged and gifted part of self–our soul–it may speak today.

MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER, from its RETROGRADE MYSTERY, is circling us on a spiritual journey, around and around, until we “fall down,” our own soul’s rabbit hole. If we were going to keep distracting ourselves, then today, in the VOID, with MERCURY RETROGRADE, SQUARE our Spiritual Path-Director, JUPITER, we’re accountable to the task-list of our world-soul, and its a slippery ride if we’re not paying attention to the deeper calls. The deeper calls ask us to stretch our limited physical perceptions, to make room for more of the universe’s real magic.

MOON enters Pisces, from the “in-between VOID” at 10:19 pm, pst (pacific standard time). Tomorrow is a magic dissolving DARK MOON day and Monday is a magical NEW MOON, NEW CREATION BIRTHING day!!

May we release ourselves fully to the universal creative VOID of intelligence, especially letting go of all that “insults our soul,” so the right most honorable energies can replace those.


March 8, 2013 – Healing of the Mind Portal

MOON from airy Aquarius SEXTILE URANUS at 7:29 am is a morning dose of personal humor.

MERCURY CONJUNCT CHIRON is the aspect that opens a healing portal of the mind.While MERCURY is on its RETROGRADE journey, it is doing some kind of inner alchemy on our mind. While it CONJUNCTS CHIRON, the rainbow bridge between physical and non-physical, we have a choice to cross the bridge or not. IF we stay separate, we may suffer. IF we are able to reach, with our perception, through the veils of separation, then we can find ourselves connected to the whole of humanity in a healing way, today.

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 9:34 am, pst, from Aquarius to Gemini, offers even more humor and joy, communications pieces lighting up, and the tools with which to carry them into the ethers like a million birds flying out to our human friends.

MOON SQUARE SATURN offers a personal completion, release and/or piece of work for us to do today that is an important evolution, closure or end of a maturing process for this lunar cycle, coming to a close.

MOON enters the VOID, after 2pm, between Aquarius and Pisces. We are about to dive into WATER again. More Water. This is the year of WATER for all of us. We will be submersed in lots of soulwater this year.

May each day be a healing portal and may we walk through this healing mind portal releasing the old mental restrictions, and allowing more fluidity to enter. We are connected to all that we cannot see.