March 7, 2013 – Mercury Still Retrograde Power Day

MERCURY is still retrograde this  morning, while MERCURY is still RETROGRADE and MERCURY is RETROGRADE, and . . . MERCURY SEXTILES PLUTO pre-dawn (late last night) at 12:23 am, pst. This timing looks like 1-2-3. This means that everything we do in life happens in steps. Every deep soulful beautiful creation . . . happens one step at a time, and while MERCURY is RETROGRADE, it may be three steps back and one step forward for a while, however, eventually, if we stay focused, it will be three steps forward and one step back.  With patience and trust, our steps do make a difference.

MERCURY comes closest to EARTH in the middle of the night, like a deep messenger from the inside out.

MOON is still in Capricorn, feeling aggressive with accomplishment and rightness. We shall overcome, says the mountain goat, as s/he climbs effortlessly over rocks and rushing rivers, toward the top of his/her mountain.

MOON SEXTILES MARS at 1:15 pm, pst, (pacific standard time). –just prior to entering the VOID from earthly Capricorn. We have until that time to have some “personal control,” or at least the appearance of it, until MOON goes into the VOID, for a little while.

MOON enters Aquarius in the evening at 7:01 pm, pst. We are sent out into the land of Aquarian revelation, interconnectedness and “outer-space,” this evening, and it may feel more grounded than the slippery place in between earth and space, as we transition between them. It is the transitions that feel most slippery in life, and that is also true of the MOON’s path.

SATURN SEXTILES PLUTO at 11:05 pm, pst and we are offered a leap from limited earth, to unlimited power. This is a “Temperence” (of the Tarot) moment. (a moment of alchemy) where something like fire and water are mixing. This could be Earth and Heaven, or Heaven and Hell. We are learning to balance opposites in this world and one day we will have mastered the art of “polarization,” a necessary part of the physical creation we live within. However, it is not necessary for our social interactions, to be polarized. This we can stop now.

Lets make today JUDGMENT DAY, as in both the tarot, and the bible, when we all have our LAST JUDGMENT. we “wake up,” from the limited coffin-like perspective that boxes people into critical labels that aren’t really “true,” except from our “death box” perspective, so we rise out of that and we “see” differently. We “see,” that our judgments are false perceptions on our part, when we strayed from the “eyes of love.” Today is a day to find the “eyes of love,” rise out of the coffins of judgment and fear, and fly into the sunlight and clarity of recognition of beauty, healing and wholeness.

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