March 5, 2013 – Deep Feminine Healing

MOON SQUARE MARS at 7:28 am, from Sagittarius to Pisces, Fire to Water, sends us into the VOID for the rest of the day.  Inside of this VOID, at 1:28 pm, VENUS CONJUNCT CHIRON opens a portal of deep feminine healing.

MOON comes closest to earth  at perigree, at 3:11 pm, pacific standard time.  This MOON/EARTH connection is a sage stick of cleansing as it wanes. We are deeply sensitive if we allow it.

MOON grounds in Capricorn after a ‘HEALING PORTAL” day, at 4:13 pm, pst.  After the main work-day, then we may be able to get any work done.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 9:50 pm, pst from Capricorn to Pisces offers us harmony late at night, a balm for all of the chaos and slipperiness of the earlier day. Our emotions went on a journey or we felt the wobbly nature of the VOID, and this evening may feel satisfyingly foot-on-ground-like and able-to-rest-and-relax-now-ish. Rest deep and may this rest penetrate deeply.

Tomorrow is a wild, fun, spontaneous, powerful day! Be prepared for breakthrough and change in all the best ways!

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