March 6, 2013 – Feet On the Ground – Loudspeaker to the Goddess

Whoooo what a day! Pre-dawn, URANUS SQUARES inner secret MOON at 4:28 am, pst. (pacific standard time)  MOON SEXTILES VENUS  for a woman-to-woman kiss on the wings. MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO at 11:15 am, pst is a kiss to our own soul, as we u nwind, down, down deeper into ourselves, while the MOON WANES, going deeper within each moment, until the MOON is DARK on Sunday, before a NEW MOON on Monday, March 11th.

This is a day for the female revolution within to take root, as MOON SEXTILES SATURN at 11:22 am, pst.

MOON also SEXTILES MERCURY, at 12:08 pm, pst, offering roots in our communications and words. we can weave our nourishment threads today., into a fabric that is healing and sustaining for the future, as we unwind down into deeper psychic places while the MOON unfolds us into darkness.

VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO  in the evening at 6:03 pm, pst, offers power to our inner artist, inner heartist, and inner feminine. She is digging in also, asking our soul to sing.

VENUS TRINE SATURN at 7:07 pm is more grounding for heart and art. We vibrate with stones, bones, and commitments.

SUN SEXTILE MOON at 8:37 pm, pst is another kiss, this time between masculine and feminine, within or without. She loves him and he loves her.

MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS at 8:54 pm, pst is another kiss, from our retrograding mind, with our alchemical feminine. We are in a special moment this evening.

MERCURY TRINE SATURN at 11:16 pm, pst is more kissing and more grounding. This is a kiss the ground aspect! lips to mama dirt! We are alive! We are alive because of the element of earth: food, feet, soil, roots, watering these roots, building foundations and writing for what we really want.

May we know we are all messengers of God/Goddess for and with each other. we are all woven by larger threads than our own one mind can see.   May we enjoy the syncronicity, our feet, and the magic the two may weave.

March 5, 2013 – Deep Feminine Healing

MOON SQUARE MARS at 7:28 am, from Sagittarius to Pisces, Fire to Water, sends us into the VOID for the rest of the day.  Inside of this VOID, at 1:28 pm, VENUS CONJUNCT CHIRON opens a portal of deep feminine healing.

MOON comes closest to earth  at perigree, at 3:11 pm, pacific standard time.  This MOON/EARTH connection is a sage stick of cleansing as it wanes. We are deeply sensitive if we allow it.

MOON grounds in Capricorn after a ‘HEALING PORTAL” day, at 4:13 pm, pst.  After the main work-day, then we may be able to get any work done.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 9:50 pm, pst from Capricorn to Pisces offers us harmony late at night, a balm for all of the chaos and slipperiness of the earlier day. Our emotions went on a journey or we felt the wobbly nature of the VOID, and this evening may feel satisfyingly foot-on-ground-like and able-to-rest-and-relax-now-ish. Rest deep and may this rest penetrate deeply.

Tomorrow is a wild, fun, spontaneous, powerful day! Be prepared for breakthrough and change in all the best ways!