March 4, 2013 – March Forth! Take Action!

March Forth! – one of the only days that has a command in it! Go forth and multiply! MOON TRINE URANUS in the middle of the night made it a quiet revolution while sleeping, as we prepared for this day of action! MOON SQUARE VENUS and OPPOSITE JUPITER pre-dawn may bring a polarized feeling between two feminine forces for a moment, but it will pass.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY also pre-dawn, lights up our communications and imaginal mind with FIRE, LIGHT and POWER!

VENUS SQUARE JUPITER at 5:52 am shows that we are having a little planetary conversation, between the GREAT EXPANSIVE BENEVELENT JUPITER, VENUS and MOON!  The feminine is expanding itself in relationship with its feminine counterparts! We are growing each other, with the help of JUPITER’s wisdom and expansion through being BIG!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 12:41 pm, pst offers a tension to work through related to how we feel and our communications skills. We can work out ANYTHING with good communications skills!

MOON is in Sagittarius SQUARING SUN in Pisces, at the end of the day, asking us to take our inner vulnerable imaginative creativity and send it OUT to the world, like a Sagittarian arrow, in a way that it can nourish the world, ourselves and life. This SQUARE is a work square today, and then it steps us down to the waning energy of the last quarter. After today’s burst of outwardness, we may wind down energetically, down, down, down, unwinding to our deep quiet inner place, from the outer place we’ve been in the last two weeks, with the lunar cycle in its bright phase.

May this crux of change, from wax to wane, offer us a restful period that keeps us sane, in a world that is a speedy and distracting, MERCURY and MOON waning says, its time for going in, and retracting from all that is distracting.


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