March 3, 2013 – Deep Water Confusion or Healing

MOON TRINES MARS from Scorpio to Pisces. We are finding our sense of right action, even amidst confusion. This last aspect of Saturday night, sends the MOON into the VOID, so as we arise this morning MOON is in the VOID between Scorpio and Sagittarius. MOON enters Sagittarius, grounding in radical fire, at 1:10 pm, (pacific standard time) in the afternoon.

CHIRON comes closest to the SUN, in the evening at 6:40 pm, burning up the places where we hurt ourselves with our own mind. We burn into this all day until peaking in the eve.

MOON in Sagittarius SQUARE NEPTUNE in Pisces at 6:42 pm, pst, reveals the ways in which we confuse ourselves with our thoughts. Sometimes thinking into the future too far, or becoming too idealistic, religious or judgmental can stir up a big cloud of fog. This big energy can either be resolved in a big healing or a big confusion. It will be a choice.

As the MOON trails off from the NEPTUNE SQUARE, it invites us to look for humor, breakthrough and new beginnings, as fiery MOON TRINES URANUS in Aries at 1:19 am, pst (late tonight) .

May we cease to take ourselves so so seriously! May we face our last ability to judge, because we realize that life is a colorful play that is meant to be lived and engaged in like a cell in the body of wholeness, moving.

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