March 2, 2013 – Power Water Rebirth

MOON in Scorpio, the sign of power, SEXTILE PLUTO pre-dawn reveals this day has intense powerful energy to move through–right from the beginning. We may go on a deep soul journey, or face money challenges, or face our own immortality. Whatever we face when we arise this day, it is powerful.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN in Scorpio at 5:16 round dawn. Here we touch power and authority together, and we may need to hit the “reset” button again here.

SUN TRINE MOON at 6:35 am, pst gives us a water trine of depth and feeling.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 12:48 pm, pst is a communications kiss of retrograde mystery this afternoon. Mercury Retrograde is working on all of us over this three weeks of retrograding us. We are rewinding back to old friends, old wisdom, and old souls.

With the watery power of today, we can die and be reborn on some level. We can also kill off our old ideas of authority and remake them.


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