February 28, 2013 – Secret Gifts

The last day of February, MOON SQUARED PLUTO at 12:37 am pre-dawn, then went into the VOID!  This VOID is a soul-travelling void, where we face our aloneness, our beliefs about our health and vitality, and our ability to change any of it (or the feelings that we can’t change something). If we are feeling the stress of wanting to change something and feeling helpless, or that we can’t–this is a great opportunity to know that nomatter WHAT it is, WE CAN CHANGE IT!  All we need is CLEAR INTENTION.

With a MOON VOID Day, and Mercury Retrograde, we are likely to have at least one if not more than one strange snafu. Meanwhile VENUS CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE for a beauty, love gift, that may be hidden at first, or may seem like a loss at first, but when we look at what was “gained,” in the “loss,” we may notice there was a special gift. This hidden gift is something more valuable than the loss–which likely is removing from us something we do not need.

May we be as grateful for the losses we experience, as for the gains, for the losses have secret gifts. Look for the secret gifts!


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