February 27, 2013 – Sexy New Old What is Happening? PORTAL

MOON enters Libra of beauty, art and partnership at 5:02 am pst, sunrise in some places. Tomorrow is a beautiful day, even though it may shine a delicate deep feeling light on our most sensitive wounded or creatively longing places. The deepest parts of us may light up in this day and this could be painful, awkward, sexual, cathartic, or filled with deep beauty, reverence and soul connection with life.

SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON at 11:17 am is the Wounded Healer’s opportunity to shine his light and communicate with us. We all have a wounded healer inside. This place in us that hurts, getting our attention, calls us to our soulwork at this time. We each have a teacher in us, we each have wisdom to share and sometimes–only through our pain do we touch this place inside that is a fountain of authentic life-wisdom that is ours to share.

With MERCURY RETROGRADING we are cleaning up the ancient and recent past, sealing and cleaning old debts, and allowing universal tides and shifts to move us in grace, if we surrender to “going with the flow.”

MOON OPPOSES URANUS at 5:11 pm, pst and we have an opportunity for FREEDOM and BREAKTHROUGH! URANUS is working to break us through old patterns that limit us from true soulwork, and expression of our gifts in the world.

MOON TRINE JUPITER in the evening is an opportunity for a beautiful sunset. We can feel the beauty of life, the depth of our passion and the glimmer of our soul as JUPITER is in Scorpio and MOON is in sexy talking Libra.

May we allow our soul to be sexy and sex to be soulful. May we bring art to our cleaning and lift our art to a higher level.

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