February 24, 2013 – Waxing Full Moon Flower

MOON is in Leo, on its way to being FULL in Virgo tomorrow afternoon.  SUN in Pisces has been ushering in a lot of deep soul water, as it crosses NEPTUNE, MARS and MERCURY, all in Pisces. SUN and MOON are rising into their next dance of OPPOSITION at FULL MOON tomorrow at 12:26, pm. We can “go with the flow,” in this time, accepting the peace and tenderness that is always emerging from within and from nature, or we can allow the deep soul water to come in and touch our deepest unmet needs and wildest heart’s longings. If we focus on these stirrings that rise up from our inner hidden world, they will educate our universe about us. We will place little magical intentions into the flow of creation in our life-fabric.

While MERCURY RETROGRADES, over the next three weeks, it will integrate pieces of our souls longings into the rewiring of our mind and belief system. If we do not believe we are capable of manifesting our own dreams, then we will block them on some level. This MERCURY RETROGRADE cycle, in Pisces, the universe may work us away from the mental thoughts and belief structures that have kept us from fulfilling our own deepest dreams.

As this almost-full MOON OPPOSES VENUS in Aquarius tonight, at 8:50 pm, pst, there is a creative activation, potentially based on our dissatisfaction. How far is our experience from our deep longings?  This FULL MOON and MERCURY RETROGRADE that will continue to alchemize us for another three weeks, may pull on our deep heart’s longings, like musical strings, tempting us with beauty, fantasy, and possibility.  This FULL MOON in Virgo, although it may stir up these fantastic longings, may also stir up our “inner critic,” that tells us nothing is possible that it doesn’t understand, and tells us we are limited by its limited vision. Helen Keller once said: “No pessimist ever discovered the secrets to the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.”

MOON enters Virgo, sign of the FULL MOON at 10:52 pm, pst, tonight. As we enter this FULL MOON window, its good to keep Helen Keller’s quote in mind, and know that it is our job to stretch past our limited critical mind, in order to expand ourselves into a place where we can be the Divine Soul-Fulfilled beings we came here to be.

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