February 23, 2013 – MERCURY RETROGRADE Mystical Leap

MERCURY STATIONED to go RETROGRADE in the middle of last night, at 1:41 am, pst. We arise this morning in backward mystical, mental rewiring and ascension energy, for THREE WEEKS!! With MERCURY in Pisces, we are being reminded that we are tender delicate beings that have so much unique beauty and color inside we are like flowers and we share a garden!

MOON TRINE URANUS early morn brings Revolution into our morning for tea as we arise. MOON SEXTILE JUPITER Leo to Gemini offers us a taste of our own creative imagination for breakfast. We have the opportunity to dig deeply into our fantasy and dream world, pulling out characters, moments and deep inner peace.

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 12:16 pm, pst is an opportunity to clean or shift our homespace this weekend. This is one of those aspects, under which our cleaning and organizing power may bring the tying of loose ends that can bring abundance in our future. Our loose-end-tying is life-giving right now.

May our MERCURY MYSTICAL JOURNEY be filled with wonder, magic and new friends!