February 22, 2013 – MOON VOID til afternoon, MERCURY STATIONARY RETROGRADE

MOON is in the VOID between Cancer and Leo this morning. There are no aspects all day.

MOON enters Leo at 2:12 pm, pst, grounding into fire. Meanwhile MERCURY is slowing down to STATION tonight at 1:41 am pst. (late tonight). Today is the transition day, from “Direct, forward moving time,” to Retrograde Time. This period will be three weeks long, ending on March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day!  This period is a period of deep spiritual review. We may be going deeper into the Spiritual Traditions we’ve held, and letting them go, while we allow New Spiritual energy to come into our vessel of self. How will we express our divine self in the new era?  This MERCURY RETROGRADE in Pisces asks us to throw open our doors of spiritual perception and invite in a new level of magic, mastery and personal imaginative connection!!

May we allow this three week mystical cycle to change our mind, from lead into gold, from human into Divine Human. We are becoming a new species and this MERCURY SHIFT for the next three weeks, wants to elevate us to a new level of creation. Lets allow that magic! This is a fluid time of listening and letting go, listening and letting go. Going with the flow of watery wisdom that is guiding us forward. May we go WITH our inner river.


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