This morning, MOON is in Gemini, airy and communicative. MOON SEXTILED URANUS and ECLIPSED JUPITER pre-dawn, pst. SUN makes a shift from community air Aquarius to Community Water: Pisces this morning at 4:02 am, bringing us to a more tender place in our expression.

SATURN STATIONS at 9:03 am, pst to go RETROGRADE for some months–through mid-June! Saturn is our authority, our inner parents, and the structure through which we live our life. It is our belief-systems, who serve as the line drawings of our future experiences. This SATURN RETROGRADE period is a great time to revise our beliefs and rewrite our patterns of being.

MOON SQUARES MARS this evening at 5:02 pm, pst and there could be a feeling of “work to do!” This is a corner of action and home cleaning or moving.

May our SATURN shift today be a structural new beginning, where we commit to recreating a way of being that is more ready for the new times, and more able to contain joy, and light.

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