February 17, 2013 – Galactic Center Shift Point

MOON at the very end of Taurus (near Galactic Center, in the zodiac) as we rise this morning, approaching a working SQUARE to the SUN in its last day of Aquarius at 12:31 pm, pst. Tomorrow, SUN enters Pisces. Soon, MOON will enter Gemini. (both mutable signs) In mutable energy there is change, flexibility and transmutation afoot.

This FIRST QUARTER SQUARE has the receptive MOON aligned with Galactic Center, challenging us to a working corner with the SUN, in the realm of Aquarian community and revolutionary change. This square moves us to the high waxing energy moving toward the full moon in one week. This is the growth and fruition side of the lunar cycle, as we cross into the light full half of the cycle.

The first quarter at 12:31 is the last aspect with the MOON in Taurus. MOON heads into the transition VOID for an hour round lunch-time-12:31 pm – 1:50 pm, pst, when MOON enters Gemini, sign of the writing talking piece. We may be called to communicate our inner soulful creativity, even though it is not easy to put these potent things into words. Words are the way we relay our feelings to each other.

This Gemini MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE in Pisces at 7:19 pm. We may feel tired or spacey this evening. Tired is also possible due to SATURN slowing down to go RETROGRADE, tomorrow at 9:03 am. This slowing down of SATURN in preparation to change directions, sometimes sends things into chaos and restructuring, rearranging and rewriting. SATURN in the middle of SCORPIO, is offering us an opportunity to rewrite the rules about money and resources in our lives.

SATURN will RETROGRADE for four and a half months, until July 7th. May we prepare for making up our own rules or changing the rules.

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