February 16, 2013 – Authentic Work

MOON is in simple Taurus, grounded with feet on the earth as we rise this morning, MOON having contacted MARS and SATURN in our sleep. MARS TRINES SATURN at 8:14 am, pst, giving us a building block of our authentic work. We have the motivation and the structure, linked in a supportive graceful way that allows us to re-ignite work that may have come to a stop, or lost our inspiration or motivation. Today we can re-ignite our authentic right livelihood.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at 10:21 brings our communicator in to our comfort zone. We are able to express ourselves with fluidity and groundedness today. This fluidity of communication is  gift.

MOON SQUARE VENUS at 2:48 pm is a corner of feminine creativity. We are facing our true desires if we are honest, we can see what stirs us from within, nomatter how practical or impractical it may be.  This is an artistic work corner. We are building our life, one thought, one brush-stroke, one word at a time.

May we pull forth the raw and pure motivation from our heart and soul, giving it feet and ground today.


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