February 15, 2013 – Power Action Supportive Home Shift

MOON enters Taurus in the middle of the night, grounding into Earth, from fiery explosive revolutions and Arian dry experiences. Now we ground in the domain of the Bull, who is grateful for the good food that appears before him each day. MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 7:13 am, pst offers a link between big water and small water. We link personal with large collective flows, right in the morning.

MARS SEXTILE PLUTO at 10:14 am, pst offer us more power in one day than we might normally encounter. This is a Big Home shift aspect, of action and change, phoenix-driven motions and actions that follow.

This is a potent and forward moving time of year, when every planet is moving forward and there are no retrogrades, even though we are in the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde which begins on February 23rd. Until then, we may want to look at planning. Plans may change, especially during mercury retrograde seasons, however it is easier to plan a year BEFORE Mercury goes retrograde!

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 11:20 pm, offers us personal contact with a phoenix-like force of change that is supportive to our soul’s journey. We may move with powerful forces today–there is graceful support for change–even late into the night.


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