Mar 19, 2011 – SUPERMOON! Changing of Ages Moon!

MOON rises in Aries, sign of the current Revolution, with URANUS sitting there. The only aspect today is MOON SEXTILE SUN, exact at 7:35 pm, pst. The masculine SUN shines new life into community while linking in a harmonious and fun aspect with the MOON in our sign of new beginnings. On Valentine’s Day, and the day of the largest global uprising in the history of humanity, we have a simple supportive link, between SUN and MOON, in the signs of revolution and change.

May we feel the audacity, courage and joy of the real dance of love and revolution, when masculine and feminine come together as dancers, co-creators and co-lovers.

For more information on One Billion Women Rising, go tunacknowledged, oppressed, mutilated, burned at stakes in inquisition days–i offer you my light, for renewal.  DEEP DARK FEMININE, held down in so many ways, held down by men, not supported by other women–this SHADOW FEMININE has collected our wounds through time, through history and through our collective past—we’ve suffered enough through time–we can release the last shreds of this pain now.  Humanity can walk free of this–unburdened—into the future!  ANCIENT SEXUAL SECRETS – dark, light, all of you are renewed, restored.  You can be a born-again-virgin, or a river priestess nymph.  Women’s Sexual Honor is Restored–Poof!  Uranus Style!

JUDGEMENT DAY Configuration—Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Dark Moon Lilith, Sun, Mars, Chiron, Neptune . . . in order around the wheel.  These planets line up one after the next.  The Last Judgement, this is the moment when humanity has the last thoughts as “separated beings,” who believe in “right and wrong,” “good & evil.”  This SUPERMOON is a JUDGEMENT DAY PORTAL.

Consciousness can be Freed!  We Release the need to be victim, to be oppressed, to be separate, better than, or worse than, under or over, we release the old separation consciousness that has lived through life times of Dark Nights of the Masculine and Feminine Collective Soul.  Shadow Masculine and Shadow Feminine have the opportunity to AWAKEN, rising above collective guilt, shame, sexual oppression, financial oppression, medical oppression & victim-perpetrator consciousness.  These bits are fragments of the OLD WORLD being cleansed now.  If any of this remains, this SUPERMOON, will gently lift it away, like a sage puff, a fresh mountain breeze or a waterfall of fresh water.  We can trust this process.

The NUCLEAR INDUSTRY is being cleansed now.  Everything in us, in our consciousness, and in our systems that is “radio-active” is being cleansed.  We can TRUST the cosmic forces to do this in a way that best supports its life—ALL OF US!

URANUS (0 degrees Aries), DARK MOON LILITH (29 Pisces), and THE SUN (28 Pisces) in SUPERMOON configuration are all together, conspiring, through us, to rebirth the dark feminine into her golden place of honor, empowered as a healer, both sexual and herbal.  Women can return to their rolls in the community as healers, balancers and wisdom-keepers.  It is time to overcome perpetrator and inquisition consciousness once and for all.

We are moving on to other sources of power.  The world will soon hear this message as the SUPERMOON, Uranus and Dark Moon Lilith, when they get together are revolutionary. Mercury speeds ahead of the crowd of planets at 16 Aries, communicating.  Wise JUPITER sits back from Speedy Mercury, at 12 degrees Aries, protecting, reminding, expanding consciousness and providing a little extra abundance for a fast fiery change-filled time.



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