February 12, 2013 – Communications Bridge Building in the Void

Today the MOON is VOID all day between Pisces and Aries. If things feel slippery, it is because they are. We cannot completely rely on plans today and yesterday. They may change. We may need to rewrite or redo something we started in this window. MOON VOID can feel like a MERCURY RETROGRADE, only it isn’t a MERCURY-based aspect. When the MOON is VOID, our personal energy can lose traction with the “real world,” or may feel unstable. It is best to relax and take care of old loose ends, or old returns and redo’s during MOON VOID. It can also be a highly mystical time.

MERCURY TRINE SATURN, in spite of a MOON VOID, is inviting us to build new communications bridges and disciplines. Our writing, speaking, and meeting with collaborators is ready to make commitments.  There may be new sprouts emerging or new ground being laid–in our bigger picture. This VOID with communications aspect here is an opportunity for some deep communications and inner work with ourselves and others that refurbishes outdated pathways and rebuilds broken communications bridges.

MARS is CONJUNCT CHIRON today, creating deep healing in the realm of the masculine, our action and our inner man.  May the healing waters wash away all wounds, insecurities and past trauma’s, replacing them with fresh cleansing water, and new life.

MOON enters Aries at 5:51 pm, pst. taking us into fiery creative inspiration from deep soulwater and spiritual exploration MOON VOID of the last two days.

We are tempered by the elements water, fire, water, fire. Today we shift from water to fire. May we allow ourselves to be lifted this evening by the spirit of New Beginnings that Aries brings. With URANUS in Aries right now, every time the MOON passes the seed planting fire sign, we are activated with Uranian wild radical revolution energy. Get ready for tomorrow’s fun!

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