October 29, 2011 – Empress Rocketship

We had a MIDNIGHT NEW MOON (11:20 pm, pst / 12:20am mst). The New Chinese Year of the Sssssssnake slithered into our consciousness in our sssssleep. After the year of the male FIRE DRAGON, the first year of our URANUS SQUARE PLUTO-based Awakening Cauldron of Transformation. Now, this female water snake brings us the yin follow-up in our second year of four, of our human awakening vessel. The Female Water Ssssssnake is an archetype of subtle feminine power. This power is heg deep inside. Sexual creative energy is alive. We have sexual water and sexual fire ~ in Taoism we mix these energies together in an alchemical rising and bathing of our organ system. This sexual creative energy is the lifeforce we have to turn our own wheel of creation from the inside!

MOON SEXTILES SATURN at 8:17 pm, pdt (pacific daylight time), and we feel a resting point and a grounding ability that is a sensual feet kind of gift after a fiery passionate day.

MOON TRINES MARS at 11:03 pm, pdt and passion is aflight, like a unicorn in the night. “Don’t go back to sleep,” says Rumi, for wisdom is seeping in and out through our open windows and there is singing, dancing and creation afoot!

“Don’t go back to sleep!”



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