February 10, 2013 – HAPPY NEW MOON & Chinese New Year of the Female WATER SNAKE!

We had a MIDNIGHT NEW MOON (11:20 pm, pst / 12:20am mst). The New Chinese Year of the Sssssssnake slithered into our consciousness in our sssssleep. After the year of the male FIRE DRAGON (2012), this female WATER SNAKE brings us the yin follow-up (2013), in our second year of four, of our human awakening vessel–made by URANUS SQUARE PLUTO-2012 through 2015.

The Female Water Ssssssnake is an archetype of subtle feminine power. This power is healing, nourishing, silent, secret, unknown, hidden, arises like kundalini, heals like the miracle of sex and birth, renews us, rebirths us, sheds our old skins, asks us to slide, glide and realize that we are divinity in form. When a ssssssnake sheds its old skin, it is old, dry and crackly. Underneath is a fresh new layer of skin–like a new life. Each of us may shed our old dry skin, revealing a fresh pink life underneath. HAPPY YEAR OF THE SsssssssNAKE!

After the MOON was NEW, MOON went VOID. As we arise today, the MOON is VOID, between Aquarius, where the NEW MOON happened late last night, and Capricorn, where we put one foot on earth and one foot in water and balance the forces within and without–like masters in the WORLD, like the WORLD or UNIVERSE card.  In this card, there is often a snake. The year of the Sssssnake asks us to step into our mastery. PLUTO in Capricorn, is also asking us for this MASTERY of our own life.

In the VOID, just after the MOON was NEW, MARS SQUARED JUPITER (a follow up to MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER yesterday), showing this cycle to be a place of stretch, expansion and growth, especially in the area of communications, the masculine, and our words/actions, and how this creates our reality.

We can stretch into miracle consciousness, from the potential exhaustion or water-logged feeling of MARS, MERCURY, NEPTUNE & CHIRON all in Pisces in POWOW.  A lot is moving inside of us and we may have felt layers of exhaustion from all of this uncomfortable change.  As the NEW MOON softly whispers its presence, we can release even more tension and stress–stress we didn’t even know we had. We can relax INTO the stretches and growth places, like flowers reach into bright fiery sunlight.

The Snnnnnake year slithers in at night, followed by a MOON VOID!! How Ssssneaky! MOON lands in Pisces at 1:20 pm, pst. (more subtle silent water energy). We are called by the mother within to be quiet, listen and imagine a world of rich deep beauty.

MOON is CONJUNCT NEPTUNE this evening at 5:29 pm. pst. This is a WATER Sssssnake and it is a WATER day, as we move toward this little to big water touch. Adding even MORE WATER!! This is a WATER, WATER, WATER YEAR! Did someone say WATER????

Sssssnakes may appear close to the earth, or absorbing every word from the tree they hold tightly–and as they are pure expressions of earth, they are divine. The closer to the earth we are this year, the more connected to divinity we may feel. Spirit and Earth come together close to the ground. It is a year to be receptive, listen, move sssslowly, and work with feminine powers.

VENUS SQUARE SATURN at 10:42 pm, pst is a corner of responsibility for the feminine within. VENUS in each man and woman is RISING. This is reflected in the world in SO MANY WAYS! Like a force of nature, she is rising up in the “BIGGEST GLOBAL UPRISING IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY.” Wow!! Eve Ensler and the Vagina Monologues have called an uprising in honor of ending all violence against women all over the earth. Join an uprising on Thursday: find out more here:

VENUS SQUARE SATURN asks us to take responsibility, take steps and work for what we believe in. SATURN offers work opportunities. Sometimes the work opportunity is one we build ourselves.

May MOTHER WATER nourish us in subtle secret ways this year. May we shed our old dry skin and allow a fresh pink life to shine through, from the unknown hidden places within–our soul-life–to the creative outer world expressions that arise like waves we surf. May we be courageous enough to ride our own surfboards, and stand atop our own life-wave.


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