July 24, 2011 – Sensual Rest Day

Today is the last day of the first lunar cycle of the New Era. Within this day there can be deep rest, deep release and/or deep healing. MOON in Aquarius wanes to a sweet conjunction with VENUS in the middle of the night. These two feminine movers come together for a sweet kiss of tenderness. MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER pre-dawn brings some big communications energy in, to add to the Communications Powow we’ve been having with MARS, MERCURY and NEPTUNE together in sweet Water Pisces the last few days. MOON SQUARE SATURN at 6:12 am, pst offers a moment of tension for our morning work. Its good to put MOON SATURN tension to work on our home, cleaning, organizing or coin Taurus today, the sign of our senses. There are no aspects today and we are riding between the abundant expansive energy of MOON conjunct JUPITER yesterday and MOON sextile VENUS late tonight.

We’re heading toward an evening of sensual pleasures or deeply enjoyable friendship.  Leo sun loves to collaborate on creative projects and Moon in Taurus loves to taste, feel and listen to music that pleases our senses.

We are in a garden of senses and its summer time.  Moon is waning so we’re allowing ourselves to unwind, listen to our insides and tend our deep soulful gardens.



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