February 8, 2013 – Mercury Mars Initiation in Dark Moon Water

This morning MARS and MERCURY are conjunct in Pisces, very near NEPTUNE and CHIRON. These planetary energies are blending themselves in unique ways so we will have “just the right influences” to be transformed and tweaked by God, in “just the right way.” Each of us journeys through the filter of our own mind, taking the physical steps we take in the material world, and at the same time, experiencing that world, via our own perceptual filters, that are also changing all the time. With our steps (MARS) and our perceptions (MERCURY), we create our “reality.” As these two reality-creating powers come together and dunk themselves in the deep renewing waters of life, we may feel very weird to be a walking functioning “human being,” whatever we think we are. We are likely something grander, fresher, more alive, more magnificent, and more a part of a larger whole than we realize.  Today is a day to dunk ourselves in the renewing waters of life, let go of what we think and of what we do, and take hold of our divinity, our interconnectedness and our dreams, allowing new divine forces to guide us in thought and action. This is a day to upgrade our reality perceiving and experiencing senses–an alchemical process that we can participate in, with the larger forces that make us up.

MOON is still in the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius until 11:17 am, pst. (Pacific Standard Time). If the morning feels slow and/or off of some kind of track, or we are delayed, it is because of this VOID. We’ll gain more traction and the feeling of being on track after 11:17 when the larger community will touch us with the syncronicities that remind us we are in-fact a woven and weaving part of a larger whole.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS this evening brings magic, even in dark or confusing places.  Uranian contact, from its zodiacal allyship with Aries and New World Building, touches a deep DARK waning MOON. We are in a cauldron of magical rebirth, renewal and turning over of an old world–to a new world we are still touching, and discovering, while we dream it, it is unfolding before us.

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 9:59 pm offers a glimpse into the abundance at our fingertips. We can see glimmering opportunities and connections that inspire us into creative bliss. This is one DARK MOON Saturday night, where rather than going within to honor this quieter energy, we may wish to go out and honor the subtle syncronistic hinges that reveal our weaving in the web of life.

The web of life is growing and it is growing us in it. We are inescapably woven with others in a divine tapestry of new creation.  Since the MOON is DARK and the energy low, it is a good time to relax into this web, breathe in the truth of our interconnectedness and allow our whole life to have an out-breath, of relaxing into the larger whole around us, that carries us each day.
Blessings on our interconnected web of life.

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