Mar 18, 2011 – Geese heading North

MOON enters Capricorn at 9:55 am, pst. (pacific standard time). This MOON grounds into earth from a fiery adventuring MOON VOID yesterday afternoon.  This Capricorn MOON may offer us the quiet satisfaction we receive when work is well-done. The work we may be “called to,” may be a different kind of work than before, because today is no ordinary day, but an extraordinary day, made extra-wild, by URANUS SEXTILE VENUS at 11:08 am, pst (pacific standard time). This friendly allyship between these two lovers of life, is a new level of LOVE, at a higher, more creative, expansive, magical frequency–than ever before–in our human consciousness or experience.

Even though the MOON is waning, SPring is Springing into our consciousness one ray of sunlight at a time, reminding us that flowers have yet to unfold, their sprouts greening inside of us, our hearts warming off the winter freeze.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at 1:31 pm, pst is a communications gift we can give and receive. This can be creativity or compassion, connection that brings joy and understanding, harmony or grace. With our words we write reality and it is possible to write in grace.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE (ten minutes later at 1:41 Pm). NEPTUNE is so close to MERCURY, now ready to dunk our mind into the waters of creation. First our masculine, our action self, now our thinking self, dunked into the waters of creation, the NEPTUNIAN Piscean waters of changing colors, imagination, and shimmering illusions.

MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 3:00 pm pst. Minds are tossed into the sea. The best we can do is relax and allow ourselves to meditate, pray, create, paint, imagine, envision, wof new world builders.

February 5, 2013 – Communications into Beauty

Yesterday, we plunged MARS into deep watery waves of cleansing releasing and resetting. This will continue as  we now take our mind and dip it in the sweetest softest most forgiving, most imaginative, most gentle waters on this earth. The waters that are crystal blue and magical, surrounded by lush beauty–this is the realm of Pisces, where MERCURY crosses from the cold computerized community mind of Aquarius. Now we enter the beautiful fantasy space of mind where we create the most profound beauty imaginable. MERCURY made this shift at 6:56 am, pst. (pacific standard time).

MOON SEXTILE SUN from Sagittarius to Aquarius at 12:42 pm, pst is a surfboard to fun. Men and women can join together, in places unknown or hidden before, in which now, all the sudden, masculine and feminine can take hands and play, letting go of past grudges, and past inconsistencies, or places where we con’t quite see things the same way . . . . there is a new honor emerging, where masculine and feminine can dance in grace, in honor and in sacred reverence for the way each other’s differences enhance rather than hinder this dance of life.

MOON SEXTILE SUN also offers a harmony within our inner masculine and feminine, wisdom keepers, to guide the rest of us, MARS, dipping deep into watery rebirth, meanwhile VENUS rises high on wings of genius and the power of words. This is the last aspect of the day, and the last aspect for this Sagittarius FIRE MOON time. The MOON now enters the VOID for the rest of the day, until MOON enters Capricorn tomorrow morning at 9:55 am, pst. This waning MOON VOID between Sagittarius and Capricorn offers an afternoon reflection on our journey–where we’ve been and where we are now. With this reflection, we can clearly take our next most productive steps when the MOON lands in Capricorn tomorrow morning. This afternoon is a spiritual reflection time, if we can.

May we enjoy the dance of today in the lighthearted grace this Sagittarius MOON offers us.  May we drink it in with awe, wonder and gratitude.