February 2, 2013 – Happy Imbolc ~ Brigid

Today is the midpoint between the WINTER SOLSTICE (the shortest day and longest night) and the EQUINOX- in which we have equal day and night. Hence, we are stepping forward in our Solar Year. The light has returned halfway toward being equal. Persephone is climbing out of her underworld and Brigid is gathering her 19 priestesses for the upcoming sun’s cycle of creation and life!

MOON enters Scorpio, the sign of the most powerful depths of focus, pre-dawn, as it comes into a SQUARE with VENUS. This MOON SQUARE is a Love-Shack-Corner. We’re either building a love-shack or tearing one down.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE at 7:45 am, pst, offers peace, harmony and good music.

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO at 10:14 pm, pst touching our soul with the light of a waning MOON. We are moving deeper and deeper in the layers of our heart-body, as we move into 2013. This movement into deeper layers can have any extreme emotion that we may need to express, in order to go deeper.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN at 10:45 pm, pst (pacific standard time) in Scorpio is a deep down point, for each one. It can be depth of soul and it can be depression. This can be a deep inner meditation, it can be a moment of transformation, death, or delivery. Being a Saturday night–it may be a good idea to be dancing!  Inside of a dance, we can move our emotions, our soul-life and our inner light, so we may see what we are facing deep deep down.

SATURN in Scorpio is ultimately taking us to the work of our awakening, however each one will get there in a unique way and each one will have a step by step process of shifting beliefs, healing wounds, and transforming old patterning that doesn’t serve the awakening.  When the MOON CONJUNCTS SATURN–we FEEL this process deeply.

May the depth, the light, the transforming forces and the way we transform each other, become more compassionate, more open, and more fun!