February 10, 2013 – HAPPY NEW MOON & Chinese New Year of the Female WATER SNAKE!

This morning, pre-dawn, JUPITER stations at sciousness, from the potential exhaustion or water-logged feeling of MARS, MERCURY, NEPTUNE & CHIRON all in Pisces in POWOW.  A lot is moving inside of us and we may have felt layers of exhaustion from all of this uncomfortable change.  As the NEW MOON softly whispers its presence, we can release even more tension and stress–stress we didn’t even know we had. We can relax INTO the stretches and growth places, like flowers reach into bright fiery sunlight.

The Snnnnnake year slithers in at night, followed by a MOON VOID!! How Ssssneaky! MOON lands in Pisces at 1:20 pm, pst. (more subtle silent water energy). We are called by the mother within to be quiet, listen and imagine a world of rich deep beauty.

MOON is CONJUNCT NEPTUNE this evening at 5:29 pm. pst. This is a WATER Sssssnake and it is a WATER day, as we move toward this little to big water touch. Adding even MORE WATER!! This is a WATER, WATER, WATER YEAR! Did someone say WATER????

Sssssnakes may appear close to the earth, or absorbing every word from the tree they hold tightly–and as they are pure expressions of earth, they are divine. The closer to the earth we are this year, the more connected to divinity we may feel. Spirit and Earth come together close to the ground. It is a year to be receptive, listen, move sssslowly, and work with feminine powers.

VENUS SQUARE SATURN at 10:42 pm, pst is a corner of responsibility for the feminine within. VENUS in each man and woman is RISING. This is reflected in the world in SO MANY WAYS! Like a force of nature, she is rising up in the “BIGGEST GLOBAL UPRISING IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY.” Wow!! Eve Ensler and the Vagina Monologues have called an uprising in honor of ending all violence against women all over the earth. Join an uprising on Thursday: find out more here:

VENUS SQUARE SATURN asks us to take responsibility, take steps and work for what we believe in. SATURN offers work opportunities. Sometimes the work opportunity is one we build ourselves.

May MOTHER WATER nourish us in subtle secret ways this year. May we shed our old dry skin and allow a fresh pink life to shine through, from the unknown hidden places within–our soul-life–to the creative outer world expressions that arise like waves we surf. May we be courageous enough to ride our own surfboards, and stand atop our own life-wave.


January 28, 2013 – Mission Building Day – Big Wave Surf

Today, as we come off of the High-Energy Leo FULL MOON, riding this fire like a torchlight flame under our butts–we may feel ourselves faced with a giant wave of water, energy, love or release, as the MOON opposes MARS in Aquarius at 8:59 am, pst. This may be an emotional moment, a passion play, or an activated fire that awakens in us this morning: zestful activity within!!

Today we are activated with a Love for Community and a desire to join a mission if we don’t already have one!!

The MOON goes into the VOID after opposing MARS at 8:59 am, pst, until entering VIRGO at 3:27 pm, pst. In the realm between Leo and Virgo, art becomes practical.

MOON OPPOSES NEPTUNE–The big wave, at 7:07 pm, pst . . . we can jump in the river, surrender, and change our perspective to one of a new vision that inspires us, makes us giggle with innocent delight and more . . . .

If we are not yet giggling with innocent delight–then–may we change perspective fast, and create a ship of our own inner “fools” delighting in our journey, step by step, the beauty and wonder, the friendships . . and our soul’s evolutionary conversation. We can increase our joy-factor today, even from a place of grief. We can leap.

January 27, 2013 – Full Communications

Today the MOON is still in Leo, its FULL MOON sign. Pre-dawn, it SQUARES SATURN, offering a look at the way we structure our lives–what needs to be changed, or built for better functioning?

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY at 10:09 am is the only aspect for the rest of the day, it is like a FULL MERCURY, following the FULL MOON, we’ve peaked, flowered in this cycle–bringing to fruition all that this cycle was to become. Now we can do all the follow-up communications after the peak of the cycle yesterday!

Tomorrow, MOON OPPOSES MARS and NEPTUNE, we may feel like we are surfing a huge wave of energy or life. Today is a communications haven before tomorrow’s more stormy emotional weather.

May we hear and say all that needs to be heard and said, before tomorrows big wave.

January 26, 2013 – HAPPY FULL MOON! Creative Vision Time!

MOON enters the Leo sign of creativity at 6:20 am, pst. This FULL MOON window brings a fiery visionary light into our creative lenses. FULL MOON is this evening at 8:38 pm, pst.

MOON TRINE URANUS at 4:52 pm, pst offers us a doorway into magic, breakthrough and bi-location, or other magical techniques. We can acquire new magical techniques on a day like today–either from the past, or new ones we invent.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER in Gemini at 6:36 pm, pst lights up and expands our ability to communicate. Communications are expanding at this time, we may feel like an overflowing vessel of words. At this time, different people may have extremely limited views of “reality.” As we communicate we bridge these different realities, expanding our own reality. We are becoming, little, by little, more multi-dimensional.

FULL MOON this evening at 8:38 pm, pst is in our CREATIVE FIRE!  We are here to be creative. We have dreams and visions. This is the time to pay attention and feed our dreams, visions and love manifestations, in the light of Leo.

May we all set fire to our passions–a white spiritual fire of devotion. May we focus on our visions and inner child longings with the fierceness, strength and brilliance of lions.



January 18, 2013 – New Beginning Work

the SUN rises with MERCURY this morning for a communications blitz! Communications are filled with solar light today. There is enough light to shine through the darkest of misunderstandings.

SUN SQUARE MOON at 3:45 pm, pst is a tension point between the energy of the new and the energy of the old Capricornian world in which we live. This tension point is a piece of work, supporting our new beginnings.

MOON enters Taurus at 5:36 pm, pst, grounding our beginnings into healthy defrosting soil. This evening MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 8:49 pm, pst, here we can water our new grounding visions, with healthy fluid imagination.

MERCURY departs the Capricornian realm this evening, heading into the Aquarius realm. The MERCURY SUN CONJUNCTION of this early morning gives a burst of light to the world of form, as Mercury then leaps from the earth to the air, ready to fly, write, and communicate new ideas.

We are the fertile soil of our own imagination today.