January 28, 2013 – Mission Building Day – Big Wave Surf

Today, as we come off of the High-Energy Leo FULL MOON, riding this fire like a torchlight flame under our butts–we may feel ourselves faced with a giant wave of water, energy, love or release, as the MOON opposes MARS in Aquarius at 8:59 am, pst. This may be an emotional moment, a passion play, or an activated fire that awakens in us this morning: zestful activity within!!

Today we are activated with a Love for Community and a desire to join a mission if we don’t already have one!!

The MOON goes into the VOID after opposing MARS at 8:59 am, pst, until entering VIRGO at 3:27 pm, pst. In the realm between Leo and Virgo, art becomes practical.

MOON OPPOSES NEPTUNE–The big wave, at 7:07 pm, pst . . . we can jump in the river, surrender, and change our perspective to one of a new vision that inspires us, makes us giggle with innocent delight and more . . . .

If we are not yet giggling with innocent delight–then–may we change perspective fast, and create a ship of our own inner “fools” delighting in our journey, step by step, the beauty and wonder, the friendships . . and our soul’s evolutionary conversation. We can increase our joy-factor today, even from a place of grief. We can leap.

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