January 27, 2013 – Full Communications

Today the MOON is still in Leo, its FULL MOON sign. Pre-dawn, it SQUARES SATURN, offering a look at the way we structure our lives–what needs to be changed, or built for better functioning?

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY at 10:09 am is the only aspect for the rest of the day, it is like a FULL MERCURY, following the FULL MOON, we’ve peaked, flowered in this cycle–bringing to fruition all that this cycle was to become. Now we can do all the follow-up communications after the peak of the cycle yesterday!

Tomorrow, MOON OPPOSES MARS and NEPTUNE, we may feel like we are surfing a huge wave of energy or life. Today is a communications haven before tomorrow’s more stormy emotional weather.

May we hear and say all that needs to be heard and said, before tomorrows big wave.

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