January 18, 2013 – New Beginning Work

the SUN rises with MERCURY this morning for a communications blitz! Communications are filled with solar light today. There is enough light to shine through the darkest of misunderstandings.

SUN SQUARE MOON at 3:45 pm, pst is a tension point between the energy of the new and the energy of the old Capricornian world in which we live. This tension point is a piece of work, supporting our new beginnings.

MOON enters Taurus at 5:36 pm, pst, grounding our beginnings into healthy defrosting soil. This evening MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 8:49 pm, pst, here we can water our new grounding visions, with healthy fluid imagination.

MERCURY departs the Capricornian realm this evening, heading into the Aquarius realm. The MERCURY SUN CONJUNCTION of this early morning gives a burst of light to the world of form, as Mercury then leaps from the earth to the air, ready to fly, write, and communicate new ideas.

We are the fertile soil of our own imagination today.

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