January 16, 2013 – MoonFire above Persephone’s Journey

MOON entered Aries this morning, the sign that URANUS inhabits these days. This is a place of new beginnings and radical genius downfusions. We arise into the morning with MOON SEXTILE SUN, giving light to our dance of masculine and feminine.

Meanwhile, VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO this evening at 5:27 pm pst (Pacific Standard Time), is a mythic PERSPEHONE moment, when she kisses the floor of the bottom of her underworld, perhaps Hades reigns there. Perhaps we kiss Hades, as we prepare to rise, from the deepest darkest point. It is the deepest darkest point, for VENUS, because she is kissing PLUTO. Pluto has vast resources of darkness. This darkness is voidlike, powerful and penetratingly forceful with its truths. PLUTO will ask us to look at what is most raw, as we pedal on VENUS’ journey–our inner feminine’s journey–kissing PLUTO, her underworld Prince.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS at 5:38 offers us a breakthrough and laughter moment. We can break through and laugh, at anything that is too serious or too painful. Sometimes humor is required before anything else can happen.

MOON in Aries SEXTILE JUPITER in Gemini at 8:28 pm, pst is a wild creative fire that burns through our mind and hearts. Tonight is a passion-play night, a night when romance novels are written–not necessarily lived, but written. Romance novels must be written before they can be read, or experienced.

After 5:30, Persephone has kissed Pluto at the very bottom, and she is on her way back up. At that time, the “freezing winter,” can be released from the grasp of the eartly realm, and Persephone walks day by day, toward the light of summer. This light is not only external, but internal. By 8 pm, we have an opportunity to “rewrite our life story,” from here on, as our inner divine feminine journeys from the shadow to the light, over the next months.

After today, we can say, we did it, we kissed the dark prince (our shadow or ‘dark night of the soul’ of one kind or another)–this can also be a phoenix-like transformation of any kind–it does not necessarily need to be dark, however it often is . . . . so be ready to meet the shadows with grace and compassion.

May our compassion be with us as we traverse these days. We are one humanity overcoming incredible obstacles at this time, and going through rapid change. We are amazing for this rapid change we are making. Cheers to every facet of humanity!



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