January 12, 2013 – Love Breakthrough Corner – Freedom Calls!

MOON is in Aquarius this morning, SEXTILING URANUS in Aries. This is a burst of energy! Air and Fire stir to make communications fires. We are in communications with each other and these communications “light us on fire,” in good ways or bad ways, depending on how the fire is used.

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 12:11 PST, (Pacific Standard Time) offers a supportive insight into our communications journey. Jupiter in Gemini is inviting us to communicate to a wider audience, and to work harder to be “understood,” and to “understand,” those around us. We are here to find common ground with each other.

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 5:58 pm, PST, is an inner work aspect.  We’re in a process of constriction, boundary-setting, re-organizing, and preparing to build a new foundation.

VENUS SQUARE URANUS at 8:19 pm PST is a revolutionary love breakthrough potential. Venus in Capricorn is grounding us into a practical love, and giving us the practical steps to put our creativity in form. URANUS SQUARE’s this creative love force VENUS of ours with its REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE and FREEDOM energy!  We’re asked to “work for our authentic freedom.” This freedom is freedom from suffering, freedom from whatever keeps us from our soul’s journey, freedom from the ways we trap ourselves from joy and freedom in love.

May we set ourselves free today, in at least one way, if not many ways! May we find the authentic joy inside and unhinder it!  May we put our hands and feet in the service of our heart and soul!




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