January 6, 2013 – Power Communications & New World Infrastructure

MERCURY CONJUNCT PLUTO today at 8:42 am, pst is the aspect that makes this day a Power Day.   PLUTO is a pure unmanifest expression of power, activated with our communications piece. Money, Sex, Depth Psychology, Phoenix-Like Movements, and all things that empower or disempower us on any level, are “up” for contact and renovation today. PLUTO SQUARE URANUS are actively deconstructing the old world, and preparing the foundation of the New World, which we still cannot see or know. Our personal mind and communications is right in alignment with the flow of wisdom from our pure source of Revolutionary Change Power. What is it saying from within us today?

When MERCURY contacts PLUTO, we may hear from our higher self and our lower self in the same day. PLUTO reminds us we are made of extremes and deep internal feelings. Real power comes from the things we love deeply and we empower others when we act out of our love of them.

MOON SQUARE MARS at 2:05 pm is a moment of tension or work.  We are working out a corner between our deep Scorpio part and our community-based Aquarius part.  We strive to balance our own needs with meeting some of the needs of community members, because it serves our soul.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO/MERCURY this afternoon, pst, supports our communications with practical Virgoan nurturance and healing. Every situation can use a little tenderness and care.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN in Scorpio is our deep work cut out for us for the month. Once a lunar cycle, MOON touches SATURN on the wheel and we have our most “serious” moment in the cycle, where we are called to “get down to business.” Today is that day.

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN at 3:44 pm, pst offers us insight into our own journey of death and decay of our old patterns, meanwhile an unknown new life emerging. We are guided in each moment, even though we may not know what these subtle usherings are doing in the “bigger long-term-picture,” if we follow them, they will take us where we need to go. If an angel whispers in our ear, “Go build the ark,” then the ark is what we should build. This is a new time, what is called for today?

May our intuitive fabric ear be receptive today, forgiving of our deepest oldest fears, sharing of our wisdom and affection. May we phoenix our old fears into new love.

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