January 5, 2013 – Eye of Needle Weaving Self Love

MOON in Libra is waning, inviting us to go inward with our attention.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT JUPITER pre-dawn may have us feeling awkward in our own minds. If we’re in touch with the cosmic forces, we’re rapidly changing: mentally, emotionally, and physically!  We are in the middle of something called “the eye of the needle,” of our shift in consciousness. Each of us goes through this “eye of the needle,” uniquely. Sometimes it feels like we’re being fractionated, or taken apart, sometimes it feels like forces outside our control may be “weaving us together,” into something beyond what we thought we were.

MOON in air SEXTILE VENUS in fire at 3:13 pm, pst, gives us a deep breath of mother to maiden tenderness & joy. We can breathe creative loving life into our own bodies. The whole universe, sun, moon and planets LOVE US, so this is good enough reason to adore ourselves. We are a beautifully animated collection of cellular structure allowing us to merge spirit and matter. We are love in form!

May we envelop ourselves in the unconditional love of the SUN, as we shine within.

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