July 3, 2012 – HAPPY SOULFULL MOON of Life Renewal

MOON enters Virgo at 9:35 am, OPPOSING NEPTUNE at 11:39 am, pst. MOON and NEPTUNE in water and earth give us the elementals we need for the early stages of creation: water and earth.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 1:23 pm, reminds us that “one-step-at-a-time,” we can get through anything with skillful communications.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 11:59, is a tension point between the old familiar self and the newly opening and awakening self. From the MOON we wish for comfort, familiarity, pleasure and good food. We enter the year with JUPITER RETROGRADING in Gemini–sign of communications–SQUARE (90 degree angle)–to personal MOON. This tension between old self and new self invites us to open ourselves to new things the way flowers open to sunlight. New energies will cleanse and rejuvenate us without having to dig up old shadows, they will fall away in the new incoming light.

MERCURY, planet of communications, holds a secret key for the whole year: When in doubt, struggle, or challenge, first find gratitude (a jupiterian gift): looking to the sky, the wind, trees, feet on the ground, food in mouth, roof over head, then communicate skillfully, with this gratitude. Skillful Communications and Gratitude will be keys for us to traverse the year with grace. These keys will heal, open and unlock difficult situations all year long.

MERCURY has a mystical cycy!), this shadow material is quickly transformed to a clarified power, that we now have access to. We can focus this freshly accessible power into right action, honing our will with pure-hearted clarity.

On the waning side of the FULL MOON, MERCURY INCONJUNCTS PLUTO at 11:19 pm, pdt, giving us a reason, possibly, to “want to talk to God/dess.” We can have conversations in our dreams with all the varied parts of self, about how we will move our whole “inner neighborhood” forward into a holistic harmony inside. Wherever we do not feel this “wholistic harmony” inside, we know where adjustment and healing may be needed. This aspect may flag us to our own mind, and our communication tools. What a great time to learn new communications tools!

Our dreams may be grungy, filled with edgy flags and signs of DEATH nearby–calling us to LIFE in every way. May this Plutonian FULL MOON elevate us to transform our grunge into power, composting our fear into passionate love for our life!



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