January 1, 2013 – Happy New Year! A Water Year!

MOON enters Virgo at 9:35 am, OPPOSING NEPTUNE at 11:39 am, pst. MOON and NEPTUNE in water and earth give us the elementals we need for the early stages of creation: water and earth.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 1:23 pm, reminds us that “one-step-at-a-time,” we can get through anything with skillful communications.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 11:59 pm, pst, is a tension point between the old familiar self and the newly opening and awakening self. From the MOON we wish for comfort, familiarity, pleasure and good food. We enter the year with JUPITER RETROGRADING in Gemini–sign of communications–SQUARE (90 degree angle)–to personal MOON. This tension between old self and new self invites us to open ourselves to new things the way flowers open to sunlight. New energies will cleanse and rejuvenate us without having to dig up old shadows, they will fall away in the new incoming light.

MERCURY, planet of communications, holds a secret key for the whole year: When in doubt, struggle, or challenge, first find gratitude (a jupiterian gift): looking to the sky, the wind, trees, feet on the ground, food in mouth, roof over head, then communicate skillfully, with this gratitude. Skillful Communications and Gratitude will be keys for us to traverse the year with grace. These keys will heal, open and unlock difficult situations all year long.

MERCURY has a mystical cycle throughout the year. It retrogrades three times for three weeks. In 2013, all three MERCURY RETROGRADE cycles will bring us in contact with different facets and teachings from our mother WATER!

SATURN will TRINE NEPTUNE (water planet) EIGHTEEN TIMES, throughout 2013, bringing what astrologer Arielle Guttman calls, “The Great Wall of Water!”

Water is our mother, however if we are living near a coastal area, we can expect to get wet!  If we have relatives who live on the coast, we can expect them to be swept right off their roof-tops and be knocking on the doors of high-grounded friends. High Grounded Friends, make way, you’ll need to be a Noah, for all the fledgling creatures who come running for safety in the great watery storms of 2013! Find high ground.

As we enter more fully into the New Era, stepping each day, out of the old one and into the new one, may we feel lighter on our feet, softer in our hearts, and collaborative in our minds.



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