December 27, 2012 – Full Moon Ramp Up!

We rise with MOON in the VOID, from yesterday’s Love Communications Fruition (MERCURY OPPOSITION). This morning the moon remains in this VOID, between Gemini and Cancer.

MOON enters Mother Cancer at 12:06 pm, pst. At 2:04 pm, MOON TRINES NEPTUNE in early Pisces. We may finally feel like we are able to “get in a good flow,” moving in our own river, taking care of what calls us to take care of it.

MOON SQUARE URANUS at 9:45 pm, pst is a shocking or ridiculous moment. This Uranian tension, when it is at 90 degrees with the close and personal MOON, may feel paradoxical. We can laugh, and wonder.  Freedom or Glee may usher us from our warm comfortable homes.

FULL MOON is late tonight at 2:21 am. MOON is at 7 Cancer OPPOSITE SUN at 7 Capricorn, (SUN is very near PLUTO) Tomorrow is a fruition and completion day on this LUNAR CYCLE. Late tonight we peak in the FULL MOON energy, meanwhile tomorrow will “push us through to the other side,” of whatever we’ve been moving toward. We are transforming. We’re all going through death and rebirth, and tomorrow is a fruition point.

May we fruit and flower our own grace, our own beauty and our own essence.

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