December 25, 2012 – Gifts of Creative Flight

This Christmas morning, MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 8:45 am, sparks humor and brilliance.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER in Gemini expands our airy area’s. We can write, vision, create and bring out quirky fun gifts for each other.

MARS enters Airy Aquarius after being in PLUTO inhabited Capricorn for a month and a half. MARS in Aquarius will take action on behalf of community. We’re expanding and building our community spirit today!

SUN SQUARE URANUS, Earth to Air, at 5:32 pm, pst, gives us a creative task or a funny bone to play with. Even though gifts may be off of our own needs, we can appreciate the love behind them.

No matter what our religion, may we gift each other with gifts of love and humor.

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