December 21, 2012 – The date we’ve all been waiting for! HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE of 2012 and a NEW ERA!!

Prayers for this New World we now enter to be filled with a consciousness that we are one human family, relatives with earth, planets, tigers, eagles, condors, and whales, all in our one big family! The deeper we go, into this new era, the more we will discover our connectedness and inter-connectedness with all things.

The exact WINTER SOLSTICE POINT happens this morning, pre-dawn–at 3:12 am, PST (Pacific Standard Time). This is the acupuncture shift point of the command to RISE into the NEXT ERA! The Galactic Center Sun Calls us into our Divinity!  TRUMPETS BLOW! The bright golden era ahead calls and ushers us into glory, awe and joy!! Remember to make wishes!  They will all come true!

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 4:13 am, pst, offers us Communications Magic to touch ourselves with Starlight, weaving new belief-systems of a higher frequency than before, into the fabric of our mind-set. Tv-sets off!

SUN freshly into Capricorn, SEXTILE NEPTUNE this evening at 10:49 pm, PST, gives us a Spiritual Cermony Window of Profound Ascension and Receptivity Peak SIgnificance! Listen, Meditate, smile upon the Gods within!  We are crossing into the Eye of the Needle, even more deeply now.

May our hearts guide us in resolving every soul fragment into a giant whole human family connected with Gaia and all the creatures on earth.

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