December 20, 2012 – Dance of the Phoenix

This morning rising with MOON in the new seed-fire-sign of Aries, it ignites our inner spiritual fire this morning with MOON conjunct URANUS in Aries at 8:34 am., pst. MOON TRINE VENUS at 10:40 am, has women and art in ecstasy this morning giggling by the inner fireside.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO this evening at 4:51 pm, pst offers death to ashes, just before a proper resurrection.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 4:54 pm, pdt offers a touch of heaven, to emotional earth. May we descend high frequency joy, bliss and unconditional love, into our jupiterian cups and drink deeply.

Solstice is pre-dawn, so prepare for a new era in dreamtime tonight!  Happy end of the old SOLAR CYCLE and birth of the NEW SOLAR YEAR, and BIRTH of a NEW 26,0000 Year GALACTIC BRIGHT SIDE, CYCLE shift! May love prevail before we know it!

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