May 25, 2012 – Mental Oceanic Surfing

HAPPY NEW MOON!!!! Today the MOON is NEW at a little after midnight, 12:42 am PST (pacific standard time). This NEW MOON in fiery Sagittariuschetype. Without the help of the divine, this can be messy or explosive, however with divine intelligence involved, it is walking on water or some other miracle.

The late night is an inspired solution to any problem with MOON in solar Leo, SEXTILING MERCURY in winged Gemini. We are ascending in consciousness, whether we mean to or not. We are not able to separate from the spiralling forces of time we are a part of. These forces of time that we travel are conscious, and they are shaping us as we live inside of them. We can consciously invoke our dreams into these winds of change, giving the universal forces “fodder for the future.” This evening has all the “stuff of joy!” The dancing light of tonight is medicine for the challenged minds of today’s waterlogged middle of the day.

May we integrate new light with joy, new love with compassion, and new form with divinity.


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