December 11 & 12, 2012 – Final Dark MOon – Saying Goodbye to an Old Era

These two days are the darkest days of 2012. These are the last two days of a lunar cycle that began with a FULL MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE. These eclipse cycles ask us to change the fabric of our being on some core level. They challenge us in ways we didn’t imagine, or we respond to challenges in ways we didn’t imagine, because we are CLEARING OUT the last 26,000 years of darkness. This is no small clearing, so make way!

MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE  on December 11th pre-dawn, reveals an underlying feeling that might feel a little bit confusing, or “at odds,” with the way we wish it were, however, there is grace and humor, so its ok.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS at 5:08 am on Dec 11th, sends MOON into the VOID. This is a kind of feminine healing VOID of creation. MOON enters Sagittarius at 2:22 pm, and syncronicities abound in the portal.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE, CONJUNCT MERCURY and TRINE URANUS this afternoon and evening gifts us with a navigational system that will get us through the fog, through the unknown, to the other side of our transformational birth portal.

December 12th at sunrise, PST, MOON OPPOSES JUPITER for an expansion of what we consider to be our home and our family. All of Humanity is our family and the earth is part of our body, along with the solar system.

12-12-12 is a Portal of release of an old era. This old era was harsh and cold in its rootedness within dualistic mind and “separation consciousness.” The transition of our times is from this dualistic judgmental mind consciousness, to a wise intuitive heart consciousness. In this dark moon we can release everything we need to release for the last few thousand lifetimes.

May this release be in the flowering light of an emerging GLOBAL HEART CONSCIOUSNESS.  May each one be blessed as an important part of the whole tree of Gaia.

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