December 9, 2012 – Fluid Soul Contact

MOON is on its way into deep water Scorpio from the VOID, entering Scorpio at 1:51 pm, pst. (pacific standard time) Since we are in the three darkest days of the eclipse lunar cycle of 2012–if there were three days of darkness, they might happen here, beginning today, until the New Moon on December 13th. The dark void is the place of creation. It is a place of composting the old and working our alchemical magic to overcome any obstacle.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE at 2:49 pm, pst. Each of us has a River, and this is one of those moments for us to “dive into the River of change,” and let it take us where we need to go!

May this river of change be driven by angels on surf-boards. May we surf well!

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