February 28, 2013 – Secret Gifts

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN in Scorpio at 2:21 am, PST (Pacific Standard Time), is our deepest darkest point of contraction, purification, release and composting. We are composting the old legal system, the old banking system, the old religious systems, and anything we have counted on–all of our conventional forms have grown crusty and cracks are zigzagged throughout the fabric. The system is falling, and yet, there is a new authority bubbling up from the earth, through the ripples of people. This new leadership is humble, kind, and of service.

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO at 3:55 am, pst giving us a silver spoon of our baby soulmouth. We are being spoonfed our own soul-life, in case we forgot, and if we know our soul, then it is a day of sou like a loss at first, but when we look at what was “gained,” in the “loss,” we may notice there was a special gift. This hidden gift is something more valuable than the loss–which likely is removing from us something we do not need.

May we be as grateful for the losses we experience, as for the gains, for the losses have secret gifts. Look for the secret gifts!


December 8, 2012 – Fast Wings & Flying Things!

Today is another POWER DAY, in a long line of power days! MOON SQUARED PLUTO in the middle of the night, having us in our birth portal contractions through our night. At 5am, pst (pacific standard time), we are graced with an uplifting message of home, expansion, and universal love.

MOON SQUARE MARS, Libra to Capricorn gives us a productive work day.  Rock It!

SUN SEXTILE MOON at 4:37 pm, pdt is a feminine masculine dance that is harmonious and creative. We can make magic together in pairs! MOON enters the VOID between Libra & Scorpio at 4:37 pm, pst. We’re heading down into a final release and dark rest point, in the cycles for the next three days. December 13th is the New Moon, transitioning us from the ecilpse field to the more focused Winter Solstice Portal. May we prepare for celebration!

Blessed Be!