December 7, 2012 – Eclipse Field Compost Day

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY early this morning at 2:35 am, gave us a pleasant vibe to go to sleep and wake up with. This aspect sends the MOON into the VOID. between Virgo and Libra.  We awaken into a MOON VOID, heading into Libra at 10:35 am, pdt.

We’re still in the eclipse field, now in the waning last quarter of this Eclipse Lunar Cycle, that began with a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE and peaked with a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE. We are now emptying out the death barrel, pouring all the compost out onto the earth. The ECLIPSES, “eclipse” things that are not needed, creating movement and transition in places where it is needed. We as humans tend to “hold onto things,” we tend to make assumptions about things and people that are often not true, especially on the deeper layers of consciousness. Those assumptions and places where we hold on are being broken apart right now, in this eclipse field.

MOON OPPOSES URANUS at 6:43 pm. This opposition asks us to be ready to be fluid and move quickly. We need to be ready to meet changes, more changes, and more changes. This is a time of great change, and we cannot hold onto anything old or outdated, especially in consciousness. Love is in, Domination and Lying is out. Truth is in, False presentations, especially for making money, are out.  URANUS is a penetrating force of revolution that does not stop at anything. No mind, no human, no country is free of this force of revolution at this time. Everything is going to revolutionize into its truer, more authentic state. Its time to LET GO! of what is not authentic.

URANUS will be STATIONARY DIRECT on the NEW MOON on December 13th. This New Moon coming may be a precious time of a birth of a NEW SPIRITUAL ASCENSION energy for everyone.  URANUS pulls back the radical bow, holding cupids arrows, now creatively twisted upward toward divinity, ready to pierce through our veils of forgetfulness. When URANUS goes DIRECT on December 13th, the arrows will be release and time may seem as if it speeds up or enters a time of transformation for a few days. Our focus can be that we are connected to a Divine Source, that rests in JOY, and emanates UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and BLISSFUL OVERFLOWING LOVE AND APPRECIATION FOR ALL LIFE!  The further we are from that state, the more radical shifting is needed in our lives.  We can willingly make the shifts in ourselves and our lives that move us toward the state of blissful love and gratitude for all of life.

May this Birth Portal coming, be a radical shift we can dive into the way we do a cool pool of refreshing water, when we are hot and sweaty, dry and thirsty. The pool of water is waiting for us. May we shift our perceptions to find it in grace.