December 1, 2012 – Overcoming Obstacles

VENUS INCONJUNCT JUPITER pre-dawn has us dreaming the solutions to creative problems. MOON OPPOSITE MARS, just before sunrise, gives us a stirred up and stormy energy for the morning. MOON TRINE VENUS at 5:40 am, PST offers grace amidst the storm.

JUPITER comes close to earth today–sending wisdom and good luck.

MARS INCONJUNCT JUPITER at 6:42 pm, pst gives us energy, charge and meaning all together. We can forge ahead, in spite of obstacles.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 10:55 am, pst is a dose of good communications karma and some good friendship giggle time late this December night.

May we surf these times in the knowing of how special they are. Even amidst unknown factors and strange forces passing through us, we can see the beauty unfolding in our world at this time! May we lift our attention, rising above difficulties to creative solutions.

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